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Before & After Cases

Browse thru the photos below to see how Invisalign was used to improve these patients' smiles and the impact on their lives.

Invisalign corrects lower crowdingLower crowding causes a tooth to look dark!

Case JK: Patient said she felt like a "hill billy" because of her lower tooth.
This case was treated in 9 months. Patient wore aligners to move the blocked out lower tooth into its ideal position, functionally and esthetically.

No more black triangles in the smilePatient ashamed of her smile with the black holes on the sides

Case AP: Patient ashamed of smiling because of the "black triangles".
This case required using aligners to correct the collpased dental arches and restore the smile.


After 16 months of InvisalignSame patient at start of therapy


Case KZ: Patient wanted to improve her "crooked smile".
This case involved correcting a crossbite (meaning upper tooth is behind the lower tooth) and lower crowding. Patient did not have any teeth removed or any cosmetic dentistry performed. Her results were obtained exclusively by Invisalign therapy.



Severe lower crowding corrected with InvisalignSame patient, 14 months earlier


Case BT: Patient could not clean his teeth well because of the tightness and crooked teeth.
With Invisalign therapy, we were able to correct the "bunched up" teeth. Now not only can the patient clean his teeth easier (meaning healthier gums and easier dental cleanings), his smile and chewing are also improved.



Invisalign correcting upper crooked teethSame patient 12 months earlier


Case AM: Patient didn't like his upper teeth "looking funny." Invisalign therapy customized for the best outcome were used for this patient to achieve a "not funny-looking" smile.



Invisalign used to correct severe crowdingSame patient 8 months earlier


Case JM: Patient didn't like her smile because of her lower crooked teeth.
This case involved removing one tooth and closing the gap while getting the teeth better lined up. The patient was so pleased with her results she didn't want to further correct the small remaining discrepancy at the end of her treatment.



Combination therapy. Veneers uppers, Invisalign LowersSame patient, 6 months earlier

Case BM: Patient felt her smile was "making her look older" than her age. As a senior executive in a large company her appearance was important to her career.
This case required more than Invisalign. However, Invisalign was used as part of a master plan to overhaul this "aging smile".




Invisalign used to correct "buck teeth"Same patient 8 months earlier


Case BR: Patient didn't like her "teeth sticking out" when she smiled.
Looking at the side view you can see the results that were obtained with Invisalign therapy alone. The profile appears much more pleasant.



Invisalign used to correct a "gummy smile"Same patient 9 months earlier


Case TK: What is the problem in this case you ask? Patient didn't like her "gummy smile."
Invisalign was used to improve and balance her smile. Patient had no gum surgery or any other dental work other than Invisalign therapy.

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