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Invisalign E.C.

What is Invisalign E.C. you ask? E.C. is short for Extra Comfort.

Invisalign is already comfortable and convenient. But what we have tried to offer you is the next innovation in your Invisalign therapy. So where does the Extra Comfort come from? From "Digital Impressions". 

Invisalign requires precision records of your teeth and face. Very special X-rays, photographs as well as impressions (or models or molds) of your teeth are needed to start your treatment. Perhaps the most challenging part of these records are the impressions. While not difficult and easy to perform, some patients prefer not to have the impression material in their mouths. Digital impressions allow us to skip the impressions all together! No more goopy material inside your mouth. So if you have been holding off on getting Invisalign because of the "impressions", here is your green light to proceed.

Taking a digital impression with a small scannerA regular dental impression


If you are interested in this premium upgrade, please be sure to discuss it with the doctor during your consultation.

Invisalign video on how to use and take care of your aligners
Patient Home Care Instructional Video
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