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Invisalign Express 5 and Express 10

Invisalign Express 5

Invisalign Express 5 was introduced in 2012. Invisalign Express 5 is designed to treat cases that involve very minor correction. For example, if you have had braces and now after years have a small amount of relapse, then you can be a candidate. The number "5" refers to the sets of aligners that come with this treatment option.

Invisalign Express 5 is the most affordable Invisalign treatment option. The treatment costs averages about $1700 and is over in less than 3 months. If further refinement is desired, one refinement can be performed for about $500.

Invisalign Express 10

Invisalign Express 10 is the latest in the line of affordable Invisalign treatment. This therapy choice is for those cases where moderate movement is necessary to get ready for final restorative therapy. For example, say you are interested in veneers because your teeth are discolored severely, or you don't like their shape. Your dentist may suggest Orthodontics as a treatment choice to better line up the teeth before the veneers are placed. This will aid in maximizing a long lasting and healthy result.  Invisalign Express 10 is designed with this treatment goal in mind.

Invisalign Express 10 lasts 6 months or less and includes up to 10 sets of aligners. The treatment cost is about $2500. If further refinement is necessary, it is about another $800. However this is typically not the case as the final treatment is restorative therapy.

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