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Invisalign: How Does It Work?

When it comes to removable braces Invisalign is the first and the final choice. Since their inception they have led the technological and clinical evolution. Invisalign made orthodontic therapy for adults a reality. What many adults wanted was the benefit of having braces, without having braces. Almost like losing weight without working out. Invisalign was created with the adult patient in the work force as the end user in mind.

Invisalign, made by Align Technologies based in California, put the power of computers to work.  With the aid of powerful imaging and design equipment, Invisalign produces a series of comfortable, custom made, clear aligners.

The Invisalign aligners are fabricated based on the prescription provided by your doctor. But, before the aligners are fabricated, we can see the anticipated movements of your teeth on a computer. Once the aligners are approved, they go to fabrication. Watch this brief video to see an Invisalign ClinCheck sample.

Invisalign Aligner

Each of these aligners are worn by you for up to 2 weeks at a time.  You then switch to the next aligner for another 2 weeks. The  amount of movement needed to create your ideal smile will determine how many of these aligners are needed. The more movement needed, the more aligners will be made.

We have found that most patients can obtain their desired results in 9-12 months of Invisalign therapy. This is amazing, considering most traditional braces take 20-30 months. Normally, you can expect to return to the office about once every 4-6 weeks. During your visit the progress of your treatment will be checked. Any necessary adjustments will be made. You will also receive your next sets of aligners. This visit usually takes less than 30 minutes.  So even the busiest people will be able to get the treatment they want.

Saving time in treatment is one of many benefits of Invisalign.  On the average you spend 30-40% LESS TIME  with Invisalign than with traditional braces. Invisalign can also help with Cosmetic Dentistry. With your teeth in a more ideal location veneers or other cosmetic treatment can produce outstanding results. This can prove to be a big money saver.  With your teeth more ideally positioned, you may not need as extensive of a cosmetic treatment.

Once your Invisalign treatment is complete, we will make you a set of retainers, so that your beautiful new smile will remain perfect over time. At our office, your first set of custom retainers are included in your fee at no additional charge. We also offer premium retainers (total 4 sets of retainers) by Invisalign called Vivera Retainers.

Invisalign video on how to use and take care of your aligners
Patient Home Care Instructional Video
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