"Your Smile Can Be An Asset To Your Life, Or A Liability.
Invisalign Makes The Choice Easy"

Invisalign Winter 2016 Promotion

Free iPad Mini2 for new Invisalign Patients*
Monthly Payments as Low as $40**
No money down required***
* New patients only. Dental insurance welcome. Indicates starting price. Actual price may be higher due to treatment complexity.
** Low monthly payments on approved credit thru Care Credit. Get pre-approved by visiting the financing section.
*** Applies only to patients using Care Credit. In office financing is available with a 40% down payment.

Invisalign has helped nearly 2 million people improve their smile, their health and perhaps most importantly their confidence. And it has done so without the inconveniences of traditional braces with wires. Take the clear aligners out when you want to eat, or when it's time to brush your teeth, or when you want to spend time with that special someone. Pop the aligners in after. Simple, easy and effective. And affordable too. With flexible financing, you can pay just as much as a typical cell phone bill. Or take advantage of the interest free financing offers.

Some people want to have straight teeth and a healthy smile, but they cannot have an impression taken because they may gag easy or feel claustrophobic or simply uncomfortable with the whole impression process for braces. Now we offer Invisalign with no messy impressions. You can learn more about "Impression Free" Invisalign technique here.

If you have dental insurance you may have some benefits for orthodontics. This benefit can also be used for your Invisalign treatment. If you don't know what you have just give us a call and we'll help you find out. Other ways of financing your treatment can be the use of a "flex spending account" or a "health savings account".

We offer Invisalign for both adults and teens. We also offer Invisalign Express which is less costly and is designed for minimal crowding corrections.

Sometimes it is hard to put in words what is going to happen to your teeth overtime. Click here to watch the latest video showing how a bad bite or crowded teeth can impact your smile, teeth and overall health.

To learn more about financing options, click here.

Contact us now for your complimentary consultation. And before you leave, be sure to visit our Smile Gallery to see "Before and After" of different patients.

Invisalign video on how to use and take care of your aligners
Patient Home Care Instructional Video
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Dr. Sonny Eslampour is a family dentist located in San Marcos California with extensive training in Orthodontics and Invisalign therapy. Dr. Eslampour treats patients from Carlsbad to south San Diego and Escondido to Temecula for their Orthodontics and Invisalign therapy.