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Invisalign Teen

A very large number of teen need braces. It has been so for many many centuries. Invisalign made orthodontic therapy an option for adults who didn't want to feel like they were in high school again. Being called names like "metal mouth" is not fun. Getting an elbow in the face while playing a game of basketball is not nice either with a mouth full of braces and no mouthguard. Now all responsible parents have made sure their child in braces has a mouthguard. But that doesn't guarantee their child is wearing the mouthguard. With Invisalign Teen, your child is better protected by the simply fact of wearing their aligners. On top of that, if they wear their mouthguards on top of their aligners, that is another layer of protection.

When surveyed, most teens preferred Invisalign treatment over typical braces. Most of them cited the Invisalign braces as the preferred choice because no one can tell they are having braces. Can you imagine being a teenager and having food stuck in your braces with your "friends" around? Your child can have a healthy diet and brush and floss their teeth and then have their aligners placed in.

Invisalign Teen offers all the advanced features of Invisalign for adults, plus some additional ones for the growing child. It is important to make sure to account for teeth that are still growing. It is also designed to help keep your child on track when it comes to wearing their aligners.

Invisalign video on how to use and take care of your aligners
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